'Game Of Thrones' Finally Had A Missandei & Grey Worm Sex Scene And Twitter Exploded


It's the Game of Thrones hook up we were starting to think was just never going to happen, but it finally went down on the July 23 episode.

After seasons of obvious flirting, Grey Worm and Missandei finally threw caution to the wind and got physical. It was definitely the most uplifting scene in the whole episode, since Arya and Nymeria's reunion was more sour than sweet, and watching Euron Greyjoy decimate the Sand Snakes wasn't fun for anyone.

In a tender moment, Grey Worm is forced to say his goodbyes to Missandei in Dragonstone. He tells her about the brutal, Spartan training methods of the Unsullied, which involve leaving children exposed to their greatest fear until they either overcome it or die. Grey Worm had no fears growing up, but in a swoon-worthy line, he tells Missandei, "You are my weakness."


And then it's on. Grey Worm lunges into a kiss and Missandei starts taking off their clothes. There is a quick moment of hesitation on account of the brutal price Grey Worm had to pay to join the Unsullied, but he figures out another way to pleasure Missandei despite this.

Obviously, the steamy scene caused an explosion on Twitter. Here are some of the best, most hilarious reactions:

Yep, everyone's pretty happy about this. But as all Game of Thrones fans know, once this show gives you a little bit of hope and joy, it almost always comes crashing down right afterwards.

It sounds like Missandei and Grey Worm or going to be apart now after finally confessing their love for one another and getting it on. They've managed to survive up to this point while serving in Daenerys' army, but now that the Dragon Queen is invading King's Landing, the stakes are higher for everyone close to her. Let's just hope Grey Worm and Missandei can be together when this whole thing is over.