'Game Of Thrones' Just Staged Their Biggest Naval Battle TK TK


Game of Thrones just blew the Battle of Blackwater out of the water. The fantasy series just gave viewers the biggest naval battle Westeros has ever seen, and one of the deadliest as well.

On Sunday, July 23's episode, the second of Season 7, we got our first clash between Lannister versus Targaryen clash. No, unfortunately Cersei and Daenerys haven't come face to face yet, but they did send their allies out to tear each other apart, and we saw our first deaths of Season 7.


The sea battle was between the Targaryen-aligned Sand Snakes (along with Yara and Theon Greyjoy) and the Lannister-aligned Greyjoys, led by Euron. The massive brawl led to the first deaths of the seasons, as we see two members of the Sand Snakes brutally murdered by Euron Greyjoy.

But it wasn't just the Sand Snakes who were devastated by Euron's surprise assault. The episode ends with Euron having captured Yara Greyjoy as well, taunting Theon to come rescue his sister. But Theon, still suffering from PTSD after Ramsay Bolton's intense in-depth torture, literally jumps ship instead.


The episode ends with Theon in the sea watching on as his fleet burns, and his sister is taken captive by their mad, blood-thirsty uncle. Yeah, not a great moment for Theon.

Of course, the Greyjoy-Sand battle harkens back to the other major naval clash in Game of Thrones, the Battle of Blackwater, which took place at the end of Season 2.


That battle didn't spend much time on the water, though, as Tyrion Lannister's plan to send a ship filled with wildfire into Stannis Baratheon's fleet and explode it when within range drove Stannis' army to land and attempt to storm the castle.

And yet again, the Lannisters ended up with the win. I guess people should just trying to attack them from the sea?