Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is up to play Halsey in a biopic about the singer, if the fi...

In “So Good” Dream Casting, Millie Bobby Brown Is “Down” To Play Halsey In A Biopic

Get the cameras rolling, ASAP.

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OK, I’m currently speaking this into existence. Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is up to play Halsey in a biopic about the singer. Honestly? I’m here for this uncanny casting should the film ever be made. And really, the film should be made. Halsey, who is 27, has already lived an inspiring life, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a Hopeless Fountain Kingdom stan, especially their single “Alone” from the album. It’s just chef’s kiss.

But let’s backtrack for a second. On June 13, Halsey (who uses she/they pronouns) heavily hinted at Millie playing them in a biopic while appearing on The Tonight Show. After briefly gushing about meeting their partner Alev Aydin in 2017 because he was “hired to write a movie about [them],” Halsey was then prompted with the Millie casting proposal by host Jimmy Fallon. He suggested Millie should play the “So Good” singer and showed a picture of Halsey dressed up as Millie’s Stranger Things character, Eleven, as proof.

Halsey lightheartedly laughed, joking that Fallon should play them in the biopic because they’re not “famous enough to cast Millie.” After some amusing banter between the two, Halsey revealed that Millie would be perfect for the role.

"No, Millie would be so great. I mean, it's kind of uncanny how much we look alike,” Halsey said. “It's like, ‘Oh, no, we actually just look like sisters.’”

On Monday, June 13, the singer-songwriter revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that they think Millie Bobby Brown would be “great” at playing them in a biopic.

It sounds like Millie agrees. The next day, she shared a snippet from the interview on her Instagram Story and wrote that she’d be “sooooo down.”

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As for the biopic Halsey’s partner was hired to write, well, it seems like the film is on hold. As they told Fallon, falling in love with Aydin created a “conflict of interest” during production.

Hopefully, the film comes back around one day, because this is a biopic I wouldn’t mind watching. Even better, portraying a real-life pop star such as Halsey would look amazing on Millie’s acting roster. That’ll definitely turn viewers world’s Upside Down. Sorry, not sorry for the pun.