Millie Bobby Brown Breaks Down In Tears During Acceptance Speech At MTV Movie Awards

by Kylie McConville
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Pitched as one of the must-see categories of the night, the build-up for the Best Actor In A Show category at the MTV Movie & TV Awards had fans everywhere literally holding their breath.

Filled with incredible actors and actresses — Donald Glover, "Atlanta," Emilia Clarke, "Game of Thrones," Gina Rodriguez, "Jane the Virgin," Jeffrey Dean Morgan, "The Walking Dead," Mandy Moore, "This Is Us," and Millie Bobby Brown, "Stranger Things: — the Best Actor In A Show winner category is a reminder of how absolutely talented the pool of nominees were, and just how incredible TV was in 2016.

Fans were rooting for a Millie Bobby Brown win, and Millie Bobby Brown breaking down in tears after winning Best Actor In A Show had "Stranger Things" fans and fanatics alike going crazy.

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Watching Brown cry on stage made me start crying too, so it's fine I guess?

The MTV Movie & TV Awards made headlines this year due to the fact that 2017 marks the first time in its 25 years that the show will include TV shows, thanks of course to the standout debuts from "Stranger Things," "This Is Us," "Atlanta" and "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Shortly after accepting her award on stage, Brown broke down in tears, and the internet lost its chill.

^ I mean... Same.

Shortly after realizing she'd won, Brown went directly to her co-stars to bask in the moment together. It's amazing to see the cast and crew treat each other like such an inclusive family. It's clear to tell a win for Brown is a win for the whole "Strangers Things" team:

Because Brown is just absolutely adorable, fans of the show are itching for the "Stranger Things" to return to Netflix ASAP, and after peeking at the trailer of "Stranger Things" Season 2, this upcoming season promises even more Eleven, more Eggos, and more of the Upside Down than ever before. (And dear God please, more Hopper.)