So, Micah Totally Hinted At Her Love Is Blind Wedding Drama On IG Last Year

She told us everything way ahead of time.

Spoiler alert: This post includes plot points from the Love Is Blind Season 4 finale.

Micah and Paul’s non-wedding may have been the most dramatic part of the Love Is Blind finale, but it wasn’t really all that surprising. The clues highlighting just how forced and out-of-sync their connection was were littered throughout the season, but even more damning was an old Instagram Micah posted that fans endlessly theorized about. Social media sleuths had already predicted Micah would be a runaway bride, because her Instagram post from right after the weddings were filmed teased her Love Is Blind disaster.

Things got extremely awkward at Micah and Paul’s wedding. The first sign that it was going south was when Micah insisted that Paul give his response before her. When he said he didn’t think they should take this next step together, Micah ran from the altar in tears. In her later interview, Micah revealed she would have agreed to marry Paul if he had said “I do,” but she wanted him to answer first because she had a suspicion he wouldn’t.

It should have been a shocking moment, but it wasn’t for anyone who’d been stalking Micah’s Instagram. In the episodes leading up to the weddings, fans dug up a photo Micah posted on June 27, 2022, which would have been about a month after the wedding took place. The photo shows Micah running away from the camera in a white dress. “Looks familiar,” she wrote as the caption.

Now we all know she was, indeed, making a joke about how she ran away during her wedding, as fans had guessed. The comments only made the clue more obvious, as Micah’s bestie from the pods, Irina, reacted with uproarious laughter. “HAHAHAHA,” she commented, telegraphing that she was in on the Love Is Blind joke.

Turns out, the biggest spoiler for Love Is Blind Season 4 was right in front of our faces this whole time. You just had to be a great Instagram sleuth to find it.