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Melissa McCarthy Got Real About What It Was Like Working With Meghan & Harry

Spoiler alert: They were NOT divas.

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On Aug. 4, Meghan Markle celebrated her 40th birthday with an announcement. No, she’s not doing a Suits reunion (I wish), but with comedian Melissa McCarthy’s help, the Duchess did promote her 40x40 initiative, which asks individuals to dedicate 40 minutes of their day to helping a woman returning to the workforce. Melissa McCarthy revealed what it was like working with Meghan and Harry behind the scenes, and, spoiler alert: the famous couple were NOT divas, despite what the British tabloids would have you believe.

In an interview with Access Hollywood on Aug. 9, McCarthy revealed the behind-the-scenes scoop on what it was like to work with the royal pair. The comedian even joked about Harry’s juggling in the background of the video. “In comes Harry and he’s like, ‘I can juggle,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, if you juggle you’ll break [the internet],’” she shared. “Then he’s like, ‘Is it going to be weird if I stand outside and juggle?’ I was like, ‘Weird in a way that will make me watch it five million times!'”

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Throughout the interview, it seemed like McCarthy only had high praise for the famous couple. “They were so sweet and funny. I just find them very inspiring. They’re carving out their own lives. They’re carving out their lives for their kids,” she said.

Posted on the couple’s Archewell Foundation website, the initiative behind the “40X40” clip immediately grasped McCarthy’s heart.

“She’s doing such an amazing thing to celebrate her 40th. I just love that she’s like, ‘Oh, what can I do to put some good [in the world] and help some people out?’ I was like, ‘Well, that’s awfully nice,'” she said.

Gotta love to amazing ladies working together for an amazing cause!