Melissa McCarthy Reveals What Being Back On The 'Gilmore Girls' Set Is Like

At the beginning of April, Melissa McCarthy announced she would return to "Gilmore Girls" for the reunion series on Netflix.

McCarthy played the lovable Sookie St. James on the TV show, so I'm crying tears of joy knowing she'll officially be back.

To make things even more ~emotional~, McCarthy shared what it's like for her to be back on the "Gilmore Girls" set.

She told Us Weekly,

I went back and visited about two weeks ago and saw the sets again and everybody on them and it just felt — oh my god, I get so sentimental. It felt like the greatest idea in the world. It was just lovely. It was just lovely.

I AM A MESS. Melissa McCarthy is a sweetheart and hearing her speak about "Gilmore Girls" again just melts my heart.

Earlier in the year, McCarthy's schedule conflicted with the show, so it was originally reported she would be unable to join the series. Thanks to A MIRACLE, her team was able to make it work.

All I'm saying is Stars Hollow is NOTHING without my girl Sookie. Can't wait to see you back in action, bb.

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