Are Meghann Fahy and Leo Woodall from The White Lotus dating?

Meghann Fahy & Leo Woodall Are Finally Instagram-Official

It's about time!

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At the end of 2022, the entire internet was jealous of The White Lotus Season 2 cast — not only was the series a mega-success (something any actor would be proud of), but it also looked like they had a lot of fun during filming... arguably too much fun. After the show finished airing on HBO on Dec. 11, the cast began posting behind-the-scenes pictures of their time in Italy, and one duo in particular had everyone talking. Fans became convinced that Meghann Fahy (who played Daphne) and Leo Woodall (who played Jack) from The White Lotus were dating, and although they didn’t address the rumors for nearly an entire year, the couple finally confirmed their romance.

The rumors first started when celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi posted speculation about the pair. Per DeuxMoi’s intel (which remains unconfirmed, BTW), Fahy and Woodall went on a trip together after they finished shooting The White Lotus Season 2. An anonymous eyewitness claimed, “Meghann and Leo 1000 per cent. Tons of witnesses. Not a whole lot of secrecy behind this pairing.”

Fahy and Woodall avoided commenting on the rumors, but they did engage in some flirty social media banter, even before the show started airing. On Sept. 11, 2022, Woodall posted an Instagram carousel featuring photos of the cast. (In one, he’s sticking his fingers in Fahy’s mouth, but I digress.) “That’s amore,” Woodall captioned the post. Fahy replied, “I love you! I love these! I love you! 😘♥️” Woodall answered her, “I love you right back.”

Cute, right? Things only gotten spicier from there. On Dec. 19, Fahy posted more pictures of her time in Italy, including a sweet, cozy selfie of her and Woodall. He commented on the post, “💣🐚.” (Translation: Bombshell.)


Fahy eventually had to speak about the rumored romance when she went on Watch What Happens Live! on Jan. 12, 2023. A fan called in and straight-up asked her if she was dating Woodall. But Fahy was able to wiggle her way out of the situation, simply replying, “I don’t kiss and tell.

For months afterwards, Fahy and Woodall kept a low profile... but the moment White Lotus fans had been waiting nearly an entire year for finally arrived on Nov. 22, when the two actors were photographed kissing during a romantic stroll in New York City.

At long last, the couple debuted their romance on their own terms a full year and a half after the rumors had first bubbled up. On Feb. 20, 2024, Fahy posted a pic cuddled up with Woodall to her Instagram grid for the first time. To truly drive the hard-launch home, she tagged Woodall in the photo, and he jokingly commented, “Who is he?!”


Here’s hoping these two make it back to The White Lotus for Season 3 for another loved-up couple’s trip.

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