Megan Thee Stallion confronted Natalia Dyer about Nancy and Steve's breakup on 'Stranger Things.'

Meg Thee Stallion Has *Thoughts* About Nancy's Stranger Things Love Triangle

"Poor Steve!"

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On Aug. 11, Natalia Dyer appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to discuss the fourth season of Stranger Things. Megan Thee Stallion co-hosted the episode, and considering she’s a big fan of the Netflix show, she took the opportunity to ask Dyer about the love triangle involving her character, Nancy Wheeler.

Nancy dated her popular classmate, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), during the first season but then moved on with a quiet photographer named Jonathan Byers (who’s played by Dyer’s real-life boyfriend, Charlie Heaton) during the second season. Nancy and Jonathan have been together since then, however, the fourth season of Stranger Things has fans questioning whether Nancy could still have feelings for Steve.

While talking to Dyer about the complicated love triangle, Megan made it clear she’s team Stancy by confronting Dyer about Nancy and Steve’s abrupt breakup. “At first, you liked Steve. You was into Steve,” the rapper said. “Then, you just kind of dumped him. No caution. He didn’t know what was happening. Poor Steve!”

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Megan then continued to praise Steve by saying that he “babysits” all the kids on the show and is always saving everyone’s lives. “He was beating everybody up and you’re like, ‘Oh, man. I’m going to Jonathan. Sorry,’” Megan said.

The rapper wasn’t done yet. She called the way Jancy happened “messed up” and then said in the fourth season, it looked like Nancy was flirting with Steve. “So, like... what’s it really giving, Nancy?” Megan asked Dyer. “I feel like you like Steve still.”

“You got to have options, I guess,” Dyer joked.

Fallon then brought up the fact that Nancy had a lot of screen time with Steve’s best friend, Robin Buckley (Maya Hawk) during this past season. “It was kind of a Ro-Nance, is what they’re calling it,” Fallon said.

While Dyer didn’t reveal who she wants Nancy to end up with in the fifth season of Stranger Things, Megan is definitely rooting for Stancy.