Megan Fox Put This Actor On Blast For Bringing His Young Girlfriends On Set


OK, I'm a Megan Fox fan again.

Like most people in 2016, I was very lukewarm on my opinions about Megan Fox.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Megan Fox at one point. We all did; 2007 Eitan was all about her. She was the best. Just like Adderall and the ability to clear your cookies, she got me and millions of other dudes through high school. She's sort of national treasure that way.

However, 2016 Eitan couldn't care less about Megan Fox. Let's be real, she hasn't really done much over the past five years. While writing this article I found out she had (or has, I really don't know) a recurring role on “New Girl.” Did anyone else know about this??!?! I'm not even talking about being shocked she was on the show, I just had no idea she was doing TV now.

The fact I (and I assume many other people) didn't know she was slummin' it on cable speaks volumes for where her career is at.

This interview she did with Conan better kickstart her career because this takedown of Will Arnett's dating history is legendary.

You need some aloe and a skin graft, Will? Because you just GOT BURNT!!!

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