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13 The Mandalorian Gift Ideas That Aren't Just Baby Yoda Dolls

The force is strong in this list.

by Ani Bundel
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When The Mandalorian arrived on Disney+ on Nov. 12, 2019, it marked the beginning of a new merchandising era. Star Wars has always been synonymous with tie-ins, whether they be toys, costumes, or T-shirts. Unfortunately, there was one small problem: The existence of Baby Yoda had to stay under wraps until the show launched, meaning there was no official merch available to buy in time for Christmas. Luckily, this has been well rectified, and it feels like Baby Yoda dolls are everywhere. But what else can you buy for the holidays other than dolls? Luckily, there are plenty of The Mandalorian gifts for fans that are a perfect cross-section of thinking outside the Baby Yoda plushie box.

Even though Baby Yoda (or The Child, or Grogu, as he's now known on the show) has dominated the fandom since the show's arrival, The Mandalorian is practically custom-designed for a wide range of merchandising. Mando cuts an iconic figure; by never taking off his helmet, there is an easy and instantly recognizable silhouette to the character. Then there are the catchphrases. From Mando's "This Is The Way" to Kuill's Season 1 catchphrase "I Have Spoken," this series has slogans galore that work perfectly on t-shirts and coffee mugs. Finally, by bringing back Star Wars: The Clone Wars characters like Ahsoka Tano, items already bearing her name are relevant again.

Here are several stellar ideas for the holiday season.

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The Mandalorian T-Shirt

There are many variations of Mandalorian gifts in the "shirts with slogans" category. But this one from Amazon adds memes to the mix, taking the Baby Yoda force-wielding image and marrying it to one of Twitter’s favorite slogans.


Baby Yoda Ornament

Mando doesn't go anywhere without Baby Yoda floating in his little cradle-pod by his side. Now fans can too, with Baby Yoda on their keychain. Not only do they have a cute Force user with them, but also, Baby Yoda will always know where the keys are.


Luke Skywalker Rebel Pilot Water Bottle

Mandalorians are clad in all beskar armor. Obviously, when crossing deserts, their water bottles would be too. That's why this Stanley metal water bottle is the perfect tough-guy gift for the person who needs to remember to stop and drink water from time to time. This tribute to Luke Skywalker, who cameoed at the end of Season 2, is a perfect fit.


Mando & Child Enamel Pin

Though Season 2 ended with Mando and Grogu going their separate ways, this pin celebrates the Clan of Two as they are meant to be and brings hope that they’ll reunite in Season 3.


Ahsoka-Inspired Windbreaker

Introduced initially during Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano is popular again now that the character is live-action. Even better, this windbreaker, and all Her Universe's Ahsoka items, are designed by Ashley Eckstein, the actor who voices Ahsoka in the animated series.


Mando & Child Funko Pop

Iconic figurine company Funko's Baby Yoda Pops have been available for a while now, but for those looking for something more striking, there are now Mando & Child Funko Pops for sale, like this one.


Baby Yoda Tote

If Baby Yoda's cradle-pod is out of action, the obvious next best way to carry him around is by tote bag. This Etsy creation happens to have The Child in fans' favorite pose: sipping soup.


Mando & Child Masks

No gift guide in the 2020s is complete without masks. These cloth versions represent all the different facets of The Mandalorian. No one has to choose between buying masks with Mando, Baby Yoda, or The Galaxy.


Star Wars Pendant Necklace

In one of Etsy’s rarest find, these Mandalorian-inspired personalized aurebesh pendant necklaces are stunners. Impress your fan of the Galaxy with a message in Mandalore that only the hardcore fans can read. The store also carries Beskar steel ingots as well, for those with a lot of money to spend.


Baby Yoda Shot Glasses

Most gift guides usually include stemware or wine glasses of some sort. But on the Outer Rim of the Galaxy, life isn't so refined. Instead, everyone bellies up to the bar for shots. These will make a fan feel right at home in their part of the Galaxy, with three shot glasses picturing Mando and Baby Yoda.


Mando “I Have Spoken” Mug

The problem with talking to people is that sometimes they don't know when the conversation has ended and it's time to drink coffee. This mug, emblazoned with Kuill's favorite way to end a discussion, takes care of both.


The Child Cardigan

Looking to keep warm this winter? This adorable Baby Yoda cardigan is perfect for those who are both Taylor Swift and Star Wars fans.


Baby Yoda Chia Pet

It is unlikely anyone can gift a real Baby Yoda for fans to grow themselves. The next best thing is a Chia Pet. It may be a little less huggable than the Force-wielding tyke, but at least it's green.

The Mandalorian Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Disney+. Season 3 is expected in 2022.

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