'Magic Mike Live' Auditions Happened And The Videos And Photos Are So, So Hot

by Sean Abrams

When you think of "Magic Mike," your mind should immediately shift into a daze of sweat, abs and Channing Tatum.

When the feature film was released in 2012, everyone's sweatiest stripper fantasies were achieved simultaneously.

Women and gay men flocked in large packs to cinemas just to get a glimpse of Tatum and the rest of the "Magic Mike" cast bumping and slow grinding in minimal clothing:

But "Magic Mike Live," a male cabaret-esque show in Las Vegas, took things to a new level.

Eager to up the ante, Tatum and his "Magic Mike" choreographer Alison Faulk turned the smoky, fictional Club Domina into a reality in the heart of Sin City. 

With 13 of the finest gentlemen Tatum and Faulk could find — fully equipped with ripped stomachs, tight buns and a plethora of dance moves — "Magic Mike Live" will bring all of your wildest dreams to life.

As expected, the shirtless men who auditioned in front of the Hollywood A-lister did not disappoint in the slightest.

There are even videos from Cosmopolitan to prove it:

I used to think the term "total package" was just a myth, but not anymore.

While can bust a move myself, no gym membership will ever have me looking as ripped as these fine-ass specimen.

A guy can dream though, right?

Take a look at just a few of the "Magic Mike Live" dancers below, and you'll understand why I just bought a mop to clean up all my drool.

Each and everyone one of these men has pristine bone structure.

Their combined body fat percentage is probably less than one percent.

They manage to flip, snake and rotate, all while maintaining a sultry gaze with whomever is seated in front of them.

Sweat makes them glisten like an angel descending from heaven.

Oh, and I bet their packages are huuuuuuuge.

In the interim, I've already booked a flight to Las Vegas, along with every single ticket to one of the "Magic Mike Live" performances. I want all the time alone I can get with this batch of buffed up beefcakes.

A private showing seems to be the only way to go.

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