How I Quickly Went From Loving To Hating Taylor Swift

by Sheena Sharma

I used to be the biggest fan of Taylor Swift. I followed her music religiously and listened to album after album. I watched her break hearts and get her heart broken and as she matured and moved on from each experience, I felt as though I was growing up right alongside her.

I sure as hell liked both her music and public image more than I did Calvin Harris's. The fact that I now like Calvin Harris more than Taylor really says a lot. Taylor, I am no longer a fan of you.

Taylor started out her career with genuine, heartfelt songs. Tunes like "Back To December" from Speak Now, which was supposedly penned about Taylor Lautner and "All Too Well" from Red, which is supposedly about Jake Gyllenhaal, are so intimate in their storytelling that when you listen to them, you feel like you're going through something equally as devastating as Taylor's heartbreak, even if you aren't going through heartbreak at all.

If you didn't watch her Grammy performance of "All Too Well," not only are you sorely missing out, but you don't know the lengths she went to to pour her heart out in her music. The performance was raw, with Taylor playing the piano, throwing her head back to the groove of the guitar and even getting emotional towards the end. You can hear it in her voice as it shakes.

These days, she's different. Her music, which has slowly transitioned from country-pop to alternative pop over the years, not only sounds mass-produced, but it's much harder to connect to her because she's choosing to be less personal.

Artists outgrow certain genres of music and evolve in sound. That's nothing new, just look at Coldplay. So no, Taylor's shift in music preference isn't the reason I've fallen out of love with her.

I've fallen out of love with Taylor Swift because music is no longer her crutch. Men are her crutch. She used to use music as a way to tell stories about love and love lost, but she's no longer using music to feel.

Instead, she's acting out as if she's the actress in the movie of her own life, parading men around like they're all part of some circus act while she plays the role of ringmaster. She went from running her life to letting men run it for her, from being the underdog to the mean girl, from singing about men to showing them off and in my book, that's cheap.

Why is she choosing to express her love life with such a charade? I don't know. Maybe she's burnt out. Maybe she feels like she can get away with it because she's already big. Maybe she feels like she's been moping with words for a long time and it's time to stop writing about love and start living it (and if that's the case, I can respect her decision).

But from a fan's perspective, her decision to put a wall up between herself and the listener is mildly offensive. There used to be no wall, no filter. And because her priorities have changed, she no longer wants us to feel what she's feeling. She just wants to flaunt what she has.

Taylor was an artist with vision and now, she's a girl who makes you feel bad for going through hard times because she herself isn't by making a show of relishing in her luxuries. Because the thing is, she can relish in them in solitude, out of the camera's sight, but she's choosing not to.

I'm sad my love affair with Taylor The Great has ended. I'll still listen to her old music and feel everything she intended for her listener to feel, but I guess nothing good can last forever.