'Love, Victor' was renewed for Season 3 by Hulu after a cliffhanger ending.

Love, Victor Season 3 Is A Go And Michael Cimino Is Already Teasing A Big Reveal

Who's behind that door!?


Victor’s romantic drama isn’t over just yet. In the second season of Hulu’s Love, Simon spinoff series, Victor’s relationship with Benji hit some unexpected obstacles, and a new love interest presented a different future for the high schooler. The season ended with a major cliffhanger, but thankfully, Hulu renewed Love, Victor for Season 3 on Friday, July 30, so fans will finally discover who Victor chose.

The Season 3 renewal came a little over a month after Season 2 premiered in full on Hulu in the middle of June. After Season 1 focused on Victor accepting himself and coming out as gay, the second season was all about his new relationship with Benji. As it turned out, being with Benji wasn’t as perfect as Victor had thought, and after spending some time with a fun-loving new kid named Rahim, Victor reconsidered who he should be with. The season ended with multiple big cliffhangers — the biggest of which was Victor running to an unidentified person’s door and ringing the doorbell, having made up his mind about whether he chose Benji or Rahim. Fans still don’t know who Victor picked, so Season 3 will definitely kick off with a big reveal.

The new season will also explore some exciting new relationships, such as Felix and Pilar, who finally kissed at the end of Season 2, and Lake and Lucy, who were notably flirty after Lake’s breakup with Felix. And expect a road-trip adventure as well, as Mia set off to track-down her mother with Andrew at the end of Season 2.

Love, Victor Season 3 Release Date

Hulu didn’t announce a premiere date with its renewal, but the past seasons of Love, Victor have kept a consistent release schedule. Each season has dropped in mid-June, so expect Season 3 to arrive sometime in June 2022.

Love, Victor Season 3 Trailer

Since it was only just announced, there’s no footage from Season 3 yet, but Michael Cimino shared a video with standout moments from Season 2 to celebrate the renewal. To get fans even more hype, Cimino promised “we will find out who’s on the other side of the door” in his caption.

Love, Victor Season 3 Cast

No new cast members have been announced for Love, Victor Season 3. Fans can expect the show’s main cast to return, with bigger roles for newcomers like Rahim and Lucy. The show will likely also cast Mia’s mother, since the Season 2 finale teased she will finally make an appearance in the new season.