The 'Love, Victor' Season 2 finale left a ton of questions for Season 3, most notably whether Victor...

The 6 Biggest Questions Every Love, Victor Fan Has After That Season 2 Finale

Who did Victor choose?


In its second season, Hulu’s Love, Victor got to be messier and more dynamic than ever, which all led up to a season finale filled with big twists and cliffhangers. After publicly coming out as gay early in the new season, Victor’s story evolved into something much more than just his hidden romance with his once-secret boyfriend, Benji. Unfortunately, bringing their love to light wound up causing some serious problems for them, and Victor’s friends and family also had their own complex issues in the new run of episodes as well. After finishing Season 2, you’re definitely left with a ton of questions that Season 3 needs to answer, because those last moments of the finale were a lot.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 2 finale of Love, Victor. Coming out didn’t solve all of Victor’s problems — far from it, actually, as the bulk of Season 2 saw the high schooler face homophobia at school, struggle to assuage his mother’s discomfort, and even clash with his once-seemingly perfect boyfriend. At first, Victor and Benji appeared to be made for one another, but soon, Benji became overly critical of Victor’s mom and also caused a bit of an identity crisis in his boyfriend by ridiculing his love for sports. In the end, Victor was surprised to learn Benji had been hiding the fact that he’s a recovering alcoholic from him. The disconnect between the two led Victor to grow closer with his sisters not-yet-out friend Rahim, and when Benji found out Victor had told Rahim his secret, the boyfriends broke things off.

But the Victor-Benji relationship rollercoaster is only part of the wild drama in Season 2, so let’s address the big questions that finale left fans with:

1. Did Victor choose Benji or Rahim?

The massive cliffhanger at the end of the season is a rom-com classic. After taking a break from Benji, Victor realized his feelings for Rahim... only for a repentant Benji to catch them dancing together at Mia’s dad’s wedding. With Victor left with a difficult decision, Felix advised his bestie to imagine who he wants to be with through the ups and downs of life, and Victor seemed to suddenly realize who that is. Victor then ran to an undisclosed house, knocked on the door, and smiled at the person who answered it — the only problem is, the viewers didn’t get to see who that was. It must be either Benji or Rahim, right?


2. Is Simon gone for good?

The new season brought a bunch of new characters into the spotlight, but the finale seemed to hint that one prominent Love, Victor star won’t be back for Season 3. Throughout the series, Victor sought out love and life advice from Creekwood High alum Simon, the central character in the Love, Victor prequel film Love, Simon. Simon has mostly appeared only as a disembodied voice as Victor would read his encouraging texts and emails, but he did show up in person for a big episode in Season 1. However, as Victor was running down the street to make his big Benji-or-Rahim decision, he called Simon up to let him know he doesn’t need his advice anymore. The moment seemed to be a clear indication that Simon would no longer appear on the show, either as a voice or in person.

3. Will Mia track down her mom?

Season 2 started out a bit dark for Mia, as she struggled to cope with all her friends pairing off without her, but things started to look up when she started dating Andrew. Sadly, it all came crashing down again when her dad was offered a job at Stanford, requiring the family to move across the country. Despite Mia’s protestations, her dad took the job, leaving Mia crushed to have to say goodbye to her friends and boyfriend. In a last-ditch effort, Mia set out with Andrew to try to track down her estranged mother in the final moments of the season. Fans don’t know much about Mia’s mom — just that she’s a free-spirited artist who left her husband and daughter due to the former’s demanding career in higher education — so it’ll be interesting to (hopefully) meet her next season.

4. What will Felix and Pilar’s relationship be like?

Victor and Benji’s relationship wasn’t the only pairing put through the ringer this season. After Felix’s mom’s (Dawn) manic depression created a financial struggle for him, Lake tried to help him, but accidentally made matters worse. Lake used her connections to refer Dawn to a top-notch mental health professional, but that only caused Dawn to spiral out of control and lash out at Lake’s mom at her workplace. The incident led to Dawn being placed on psychiatric hold, and Felix and Lake agreed to take a break from their relationship. However, Pilar’s feelings for Felix had only become more and more evident, and when Felix reflected on who he wanted to move forward with in the finale, he rushed over to Pilar and kissed her. Viewers haven’t gotten to see Felix and Pilar as a couple yet, and their relationship is bound to be a little sticky considering Pilar is Victor’s sister, so things may get a bit complicated in Season 3.

5. Are Lake and Lucy going to be a thing?

Although Lake and Felix are over, it looks like Lake is about to bounce back pretty quickly. The final moments of Season 2 included a flirtatious scene between Lake and Andrew’s ex, Lucy, hinting Lake may explore some romantic feelings for girls in the next season.


6. Will Isabel and Armando get back together?

It wasn’t just the kids who had relationship drama this season. Victor’s parents, Isabel and Armando, announced their separation at the end of Season 1, and although they both struggled quite a bit with the time apart, it seemed to bring them even closer in the end. Although it looked like Armando was about to move on with another mom in his PFLAG group, the season ended with Isabel reconnecting with him.

While Hulu has not yet officially confirmed a third season for Love, Victor, it seems like a sure bet given all these big twists and cliffhangers that need to be addressed.