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Louis Tomlinson's “Out Of My System” flows like an angsty mantra about self-realization and seeking ...

Louis Tomlinson's “Out Of My System” Lyrics Hint At A Super Punk 2023 Tour

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Edward Cooke

The pop-punk revival lives on. On Oct. 14, Louis Tomlinson released a new single, “Out Of My System,” from his forthcoming album, Faith In The Future. This pulsing track finds the singer at his most creative, and I’m living for his rockstar moment. The album, which drops on Nov. 11, totes this brooding aesthetic that’s meant for gritty arrangements. So, how does that mysterious aura blend in with “Out Of My System?” Let’s dive into the lyrics.

Sonically, “Out Of My System” flows like an angsty mantra about self-realization and seeking one’s life purpose. The track begins with a thrilling yet straightforward testament: Tomlinson’s ready to live spontaneously. He seems to have a newfound zest for life, and he’s willing to explore this discovery with his partner at a quick pace. He boldly sings,

“Slowly, I never wanna go slowly / I only wanna go faster / Towards disaster every time / With me, I know you wanna come with me / Take anything you can carry / And leave everythin’ else behind.”

Honestly, there’s a bit of self-awareness from Tomlinson here. This fast-paced decision might be disastrous, but he’s down for the ride and wants listeners to tag along. He doubles down on that stance in the pre-chorus, where he sings that he’s searching for his true, whole self.

Then, the song’s haunting instrumentation blossoms in the chorus, almost to represent Tomlinson’s desire to live freely and full of expression.

“Gotta get it out of my system / Gotta get it off of my chest / I’ve lived a lot of my life already / But I gotta get through the rest,” he coos.

In the second verse, that abrasive guitar-driven beat in the chorus softens back to a drum solo. There, Tomlinson croons about how he’s shutting out the darkest parts of him. To him, in order to live life to its fullest potential, he has to bury what would eventually hold him back. He wails,

“Demons, I’m takin’ all of my demons / Putting them where I won’t see them / ‘Cause I just wanna feel alive.”

To round out the track, he powerfully belts the chorus until the beat abruptly ends. To accompany the release of “Out Of My System,” Tomlinson revealed he’s going on a fall tour for the album. According to a press release, the series of shows will kick off in August 2023 and mostly travel through the U.K./Europe until November of the same year.

Pre-sale for tickets begins on Oct. 19 at 9 a.m. BST on Tomlinson’s official website. Meanwhile, general sale tickets will become available on Oct. 21 at the same time. Honestly, you might want to snag a ticket or two, because you’ll definitely want to witness this song live.

Check out the lyrics to Tomlinson’s “Out Of My System” below via the singer’s official lyric video on YouTube.

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