A Marvel fan theory connecting the Loki Variant to Vormir and the Soul Stone could explain everythin...

This Loki Easter Egg Has Fans Convinced Of A Major Theory

The connection could explain a lot.


Loki may have revealed what the show’s villain looks like in Episode 2, but there’s still a ton of mystery surrounding the powerful, time-traveling variant. For one thing, fans still aren’t exactly sure of this variant’s identity, not to mention the fact that her motives are entirely unclear. However, eagle-eyed fans picked up on a tiny detail at the end of the episode that — along with a split-second shot from the trailer — may indicate the Loki variant is after the Soul Stone on Vormir. As any Marvel fan who watched Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame knows, that could majorly shake things up within the universe if the theory turns out to be true.

The final moments of Episode 2, “The Variant,” unveiled the cloaked figure wreaking havoc across space and time. After a tense standoff in the midst of an apocalyptic hurricane hitting an Atlanta superstore in 2050, the Loki variant pulled down her hood to reveal the face of a blonde woman. This seemed to confirm fan theories that Lady Loki or Enchantress would be the villain of the series, although the variant’s identity still isn’t clear. Notably, she did not like to be called Loki, which may suggest she’s Enchantress and not Lady Loki after all. Adding fuel to this fire, viewers noticed the character was credited as Sylvie in the end credits (a character named Sylvie Lushton takes on the mantle of Enchantress in the comic books).

Whoever this variant is, she’s keeping her cards close to her chest. After setting off multiple reset charges to disrupt the sacred timeline, the Loki variant disappeared into a portal, with mian-character Loki abandoning the TVA to chase after her. Her master plan is a mystery — she said she has no interest in the TVA or the Time-Keepers — but some fans noticed one of the areas affected by the variant’s time bombs was Vormir, and important planet in the recent Infinity Saga. That mention also reminded fans of a brief moment in the Loki trailer in which it appears that Loki and the Loki variant are sitting together on Vormir.


If the Loki variant’s plan is somehow connected to Vormir, then that must mean it has something to do with the Soul Stone, since the planet is really only known for housing the most elusive Infinity Stone of all. Out of the six Infinity Stones, the Soul Stone’s power has been shown off the least in the MCU, so giving it some shine now would make sense. And although the stones should technically be destroyed, the Loki variant’s damage to the Sacred Timeline could easily result in the Soul Stone returning to Vormir for her to grab.

Things get even more interesting when you question how the Loki variant plans to obtain the Soul Stone. As all Marvel fans well know by now, obtaining Soul Stone requires the sacrifice of a loved one. Thanos had to kill Gamora to get it in Infinity War; Black Widow sacrificed herself so that Hawkeye could get the stone in Endgame. If the Loki variant wants the Soul Stone, she’s going to have to kill someone she loves... and who does Loki love more than, well, Loki? If the Vormir holds true, then it could all be leading up to the Loki variant using Loki as her sacrificial slaughter.

I know that’s a lot to extrapolate from a location’s name popping up on a screen in the background, but hey — half the fun of being a Marvel fan is concocting huge theories based on the tiniest of details. Fans will be able to see if this all plays out when new episodes of Loki drop Wednesdays on Disney+.