Lizzo's VBLT salad recipe TikTok is a vegan treat.

Lizzo Shared Her Fave Salad Recipe On TikTok And It's A Vegan Dream

Her salad dressing hack is genius.

by Daffany Chan

Lizzo dropped her favorite salad recipe on TikTok, and it’s getting plenty of rave reviews from fans. Lizzo’s VLBT salad recipe TikTok is certainly a dream for vegan foodies, since it features plant-based bacon and plenty of greens. To make things even better, you can whip this recipe up super quick when you’re looking to chow down on a convenient and satisfying meal in 2022.

Lizzo’s VLBT salad recipe TikTok has gone viral since she posted it on Jan. 13, and naturally, the 33-year-old singer is inspiring fans from around the world to try out her latest vegan creation. In the clip, which is captioned "Another day another salad," Lizzo shows fans how to make her favorite salad with step by step instructions and hilarious commentary.

To whip up the dish, Lizzo begins by preparing the cooked portion of the salad. She chops up her favorite vegan bacon into bits before frying it in a pan. Then, she chops a portion of an onion using her food processor, and adds it into the same pan. From there, Lizzo adds garlic powder over the vegan bacon and onion in the pan. “I don’t want to go too crazy,” Lizzo says, while topping everything with garlic powder.

Once she’s done cooking, Lizzo prepares a big bowl of mixed greens and drizzles vegan honey mustard on it — Follow Your Heart Honey Mustard Dressing, to be exact. She then adds the vegan bacon bits, sliced grape tomatoes, chopped carrots (which she uses a food processor to cut up), homemade pickles, shredded vegan parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper. Finally, Lizzo reveals her secret ingredient: vegan mayo (she uses Best Foods Vegan Dressing and Spread). “I want to make love to you,” Lizzo says to her finished salad.

Since it’s so easy to make, Lizzo’s VBLT salad is the perfect option whether you’re looking to whip up an afternoon snack or an appetizer for dinner.

If you’re looking for more inspo, Lizzo has a whole slew of other popular vegan recipe TikToks, including a salad that features plant-based chicken nuggets.

Now that you’ve got Lizzo’s VBLT salad recipe down, you can look forward to chowin’ down just like the “Good as Hell” singer in 2022.