Lizzo shared all her "Love Is Blind' Season 3 thoughts on TikTok after the finale and reunion.

Lizzo's Love Is Blind TikToks Summed Up All Our Feelings About The Messy Third Season

Yes, to everything she said.

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Lizzo has some hot takes on the latest season of Love Is Blind, and she’s not holding back. Netflix’s Love Is Blind Season 3 aired its final two episodes on Nov. 9 and fans can’t stop talking about the drama that unfolded, and Lizzo herself is one of those vocal viewers. Not only is the “Truth Hurts” singer a fan, she dished out her true thoughts on the reality dating show over TikTok. Watch Lizzo’s TikTok reactions to the Love Is Blind finale for some truly hilarious commentary.

Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 3 follow. Lizzo is all caught up with Love Is Blind and she has some “thoughts, theories, and predictions.” I’m here for it. The show ended with two couples happily married — Alexa and Brennon, and Colleen and Matt. In a Nov. 9 TikTok, Lizzo admitted her favorites on the show were Alexa and Raven. “I love Alexa, I love Raven,” she said. As she watched Alexa walk down the aisle, Lizzo cheered her on in a Nov 10 TikTok. “SLAYYY,” she exclaimed. “Alexa, we’ll send you some Yitty girl,” she offered, referencing her shapewear brand. In Episode 6 and 7, Alexa’s now-husband Brennon met her large Israeli family and got her father’s blessing. “I need a reality show about Alexa’s family stat,” Lizzo said. “They are all gorgeous.” A Netflix spin-off starring Alexa’s family? Lizzo, you might be on to something brilliant!

As for the couples that didn’t get their happily ever after — Zanab and Cole, Nancy and Bartise, and Raven and SK — Lizzo let out her unfiltered opinions about the non-matches. “Bartleby said no, we knew that. But Nancy, I just wish, I just really want you to let everyone in your family and your ancestors just cuss him out,” Lizzo said in a Nov. 10 TikTok referring to Bartise and Nancy’s wedding where Bartise said no at the altar.

Zanab and Cole’s rollercoaster of a relationship came to a close after an emotional speech at the wedding and Zanab walking away. “Zanab definitely has Virgo in her big three,” Lizzo commented. “And that’s fine. I’m a Virgo moon.”


Fans wanted Lizzo’s reaction to the infamous “Cuties story” as it’s now known, but Lizzo said, “I watched it and I made a whole video about the Cuties scene but it’s too controversial. Honestly, I need to redo it. So, look out for it.”

During the reunion episode, Raven and SK confirmed they got back together and are in a long-distance relationship while SK attends graduate school at University of California, Berkeley. However, things didn’t go down smoothly at the pair’s wedding where SK ultimately said, “I do not.” Lizzo took issue with that: “SK you shouldn’t have done that romantic ass speech and then said, ‘I do not.’ That was not cool at all, I don’t care.”

That’s all from Lizzo on Love Is Blind, that is, until she releases her thoughts on the “Cuties scene.” I can’t wait to hear what else she has to say.