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Lizzo & Cardi B Both Dressed Up As This TV Icon For Halloween

Their wigs are legendary.

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Over a year after their “Rumors” collab, Lizzo and Cardi B are still in the same creative headspace. In what appears to be an unintentional twinning, they both dressed as Marge from The Simpsons over Halloween weekend.

On Oct. 29, Lizzo shared her costume first. Complete with Marge’s signature canary yellow skin and towering blue beehive hair, Lizzo embodies the TV matriarch from the top of her hair to the bottom of her red kitten heels. In an Instagram video, Marge aka Lizzo lip syncs to a viral TikTok audio clip from Family Guy. She captioned the video: “The crossover episode y’all been waitin for.”

Marge was just one of many costumes Lizzo wore for Halloween this year. She also went as Miss Piggy and musician Chrisean Rock.

Cardi B shared her take on Marge a few days later on Oct 31. Her photos included a background remake of The Simpsons’ living room and Moe’s Tavern. She too donned a tall blue beehive, painted her skin yellow, and wore red accessories. While Lizzo wore a sparkling emerald green dress, Cardi opted for what appears to be a lime green bodysuit.

Because it’s Cardi, in one video, she also gave her best Marge impression as she makes a lewd comment about someone (maybe Homer?) having “such a big d*ck.” She also posted another series of photos as Marge, wearing a dress exposing her butt that looks to be inspired by vintage Thierry Mugler.

Her husband, rapper Offset, as well as her kids Kulture and Wave didn’t participate in the photo shoot, but it would have made for cute family photos to see Offset as Homer Simpson and the kids as Lisa and Bart Simpson.

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Clearly, The Simpsons’ cultural influence remains strong over three decades after it first premiered in 1989. Lizzo and Cardi B are just the latest celebrities to don their best Marge Simpson look for Halloween. Last year, Little Mix singer Jade Thirlwall dressed up as her, while Emily Ratajkowski served a Marge look for Halloween back in 2015.

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While Cardi has yet to guest voice on The Simpsons, Lizzo is reportedly slated to be taking a trip to Springfield in the currently-airing 34th season, though her episode has not been announced.

So Simpsons team, if you’re reading this, it’s about time you reach out to Cardi B. Since she looks so good in Marge’s blue beehive, maybe she could voice one of her relatives? A cool cousin from the city in Springfield town for the weekend, perhaps? Just an idea.