Brennon Lemeiux and Alexa Alfia from 'Love Is Blind' Season 3

Love Is Blind’s Brennon & Alexa Reveal The Moment They Knew They’d Get Married

“He proposed to me every single day.”

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Alexa and Brennon’s wedding on Love Is Blind. For hopeless romantics who watched Season 3 of Love Is Blind, Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemeiux’s love story was a highlight. They were the first couple viewers saw get engaged in the pods — and unlike the rollercoaster of emotions some of their castmates experienced, their commitment to each other seemed pretty solid through it all. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise when Brennon and Alexa both said “I do” at the altar. But when did they really come to that decision?

Brennon tells Elite Daily he knew Alexa was the one when they were still in the pods. “She has this way of talking, communicating, and letting you see how she's so much fun on the outside, but really on the inside, she's so sweet and so she's into family and all the values in life that I hold dear,” he says. “It really just stuck out. I went from, ‘Man, I really like this person’ to ‘I love this person,’ to ‘I'm in love with this person. I'm going to marry them. Whether it happens here or in person, whether we're on the show, off the show, we're getting married, it's done.’”

Alexa came to her decision more gradually. “There was never an exact moment,” she tells Elite Daily. “It was just never a no. Once I was just like, ‘He's my person on the other side,’ you just keep going with that.” She recalls that despite hitting “potential roadblocks,” the couple never really had an argument — and they even wondered at times if their relationship was too good to be true. “All the way up to wedding day, we were questioning it ... ‘Should we be fighting more?’ And it just never happened.”

Still, Alexa notes, they were realistic about the magnitude of what they were stepping into. “We weren't sitting there with rose-colored glasses on,” she recalls. “We weren't just sitting there like, ‘He, he, he, this is marriage.’ And not like, ‘This isn't important.’”

In fact, it was so important for Brennon to show his commitment to Alexa that he proposed to her multiple times. “He proposed to me every single day and I said yes every single day,” she says. “What you see is what you get.” Swoon.

Reporting by Lexi Williams.