There are so many lyrics from Lizzo's album 'Special' that are the perfect captions for your Instagr...

Lizzo's New Album Special Is Your Go-To Source For Empowering IG Captions

“I've been twerkin' and makin' smoothies, it's called healing.”

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Three years after dropping her iconic, star-making album, Cuz I Love You, Lizzo is heating up the summer of 2022 with new music — and it’s about damn time! For months fans have patiently awaited the drop of the album that gave us the TikTok-dominating hit “About Damn Time,” and now the wait is finally over. On July 15, Lizzo released her fourth studio album, Special, and it’s giving fans everything could dream of and more. In particular, Lizzo’s songwriting is on a whole new level of cheeky-but-empowering cleverness, which means there are so many lyrics from Lizzo’s Special that are basically made to be used as your next Instagram caption.

Special features tracks that speak to Lizzo’s experience as someone that doesn’t fit the unrealistic image society places on women; each song is a reclamation of what beauty really means. As expected, many of the tunes are upbeat and catchy, though there are a few slower songs that really cut to the core of Lizzo’s emotions. It all builds up to the album’s final song, “Coldplay,” which samples the eponymous rock band’s 2000 hit “Yellow.” Coldplay frontman Chris Martin even joins Lizzo for the song’s chorus, making the track a perfect album closer.

What would a Lizzo album be if fans didn’t get some next-level lyrics to drop as Instagram captions? Luckily, Lizzo got the memo and did not disappoint. 12 songs, 60 lyrics = endless possibilities and I can prove it with these empowering captions.

  • “Hi, motherf*cker, did you miss me?” — “The Sign”
  • “I've been twerkin' and makin' smoothies, it's called healing.” — “The Sign”
  • “I've been trainin', I can flex that ass.” — “The Sign”
  • “Make that camera flash.” — “The Sign”
  • “If you’re lookin’ for the sign, b*tch, I’m it.” — “The Sign”
  • “I got that ‘oh, hell no, you can’t get this at the store.’” — “The Sign”
  • “I can’t forget I’m still That B*tch.” — “The Sign”
  • “I live inside his head and pay no rent.” — “The Sign”
  • “Big rich, big sad, I’m cute when I’m mad.” — “The Sign”
  • “Don’t need that energy, b*tch, I’m a Tesla.” — “The Sign”
  • “It’s bad b*tch o’clock, yeah, it’s thick-thirty.” — “About Damn Time”
  • “I’ve been through a lot, but I’m still flirty.” — “About Damn Time”
  • “I’m way too fine to be this stressed.” — “About Damn Time “
  • “I’m not the girl I was or used to be, b*tch I might be better.” — “About Damn Time”
  • “It’s about damn time.” — “About Damn Time “
  • “Tryna bring out the fabulous.” — “About Damn Time”
  • “I got a feelin’ I’m gon’ be alright.” — “About Damn Time”
  • “I’m comin’ out tonight.” — “About Damn Time”
  • “She the only one I know to talk me off the deep end.” — “Grrrls”
  • “That’s my girl, we CEOS, and dancin’ like a C-E-ho.” — “Grrrls”
  • “If she with it, then I’m with it.” — “2 Be Loved”
  • “That truth, it hurts.” — “2 Be Loved”
  • “I’m good with my friends, I don’t want a man.” — “2 Be Loved”
  • “Ooh, let me make a list — 'cause you're beautiful and smart, f*ckin' talented.” — “I Love You B*tch”
  • “You're by my side, I don't need no wish. I love you, b*tch.” — “I Love You B*tch”
  • “You’re the most special-est.” — “I Love You B*tch”
  • “Not just that b*tch, but you my b*tch.” — “I Love You B*tch”
  • “Gimme your heart, no repo.” — “I Love You B*tch”
  • “Figure me out, no cheat code.” — “I Love You B*tch”
  • “That's why I move the way I move and why I'm so in love with me.” — “Special”
  • “In case nobody told you today, you’re special.” — “Special”
  • “Broken, but damn, you’re still special.” — “Special”
  • “You know that I don’t break up twice.” — “Break Up Twice”
  • “My love so good it hurts.” — “Break Up Twice”
  • “You make it work 'cause you know my worth.” — “Break Up Twice”
  • “Who gon' put up with your Gemini sh*t like I do?” — “Break Up Twice”
  • “1 a.m. and the night just keeps on callin’.” — “Everybody’s Gay”
  • “B*tch, say less, express yourself.” — “Everybody’s Gay”
  • “B*tch, get dressed, un-stress yourself.” — “Everybody’s Gay”
  • “Dance the night away, everybody’s gay.” — “Everybody’s Gay”
  • “Sisters drinking’ b*tches brew.” — “Everybody’s Gay”
  • “At 3 a.m., the freak come out the cage.” — “Everybody’s Gay”
  • “Welcome to my body, I know it's nice to meet it.” — “Naked”
  • “I just wanna lay it down and open up the deepness.” — “Naked”
  • “Beauty is a gift, but curses everyone that chase it.” — “Naked”
  • “I've seen every part of me and, babe, I can't erase it.” — “Naked”
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  • “Is it your birthday, girl? 'Cause you lookin' like a present.” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “Feel good when you rollin' with me, don't it.” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “My biggest flex is that my team the same.” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “Don't mean to get emosh, you know me and Patrón.” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “Is it your birthday, girl? Make a wish, 11:11.” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “We can block these calls like all day.” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “How many candles you want on that cake, b*tch?” — “Birthday Girl”
  • “I've learned to love me as myself.” — “If You Love Me”
  • “If you love me, you love all of me or none of me at all.” — “If You Love Me”
  • “Everything the light touches.” — “If You Love Me”
  • “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you and everything you do.” — “Coldplay”
  • “It was so freein' to know that we made it.” — “Coldplay”
  • “And I just know it, that in this life my love is you.” — “Coldplay”
  • “I feel so goofy, I don't really do this, but with you is healin' how I feel pain.” — “Coldplay”

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