Lizzo dressed as Marge Simpson for Halloween and the head-to-toe look is an uncanny resemblance

You Need To See Lizzo's Marge Simpson Halloween Costume To Believe It

The queen of Halloween has taken it to a whole new level this year.

Udo Salters/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Halloween is the perfect time of year for all of the wackiest, over-the-top costumes to come out and play, and nobody serves it like Lizzo. The singer is known for turning up the volume every Halloween with truly unbelievable, elaborate costumes — she made Baby Yoda look better than ever last year! For 2022’s festivities, Lizzo certainly didn’t disappoint when she showed off her instantly meme-able Marge Simpson costume.

Lizzo celebrated Halloweekend this year by dressing up as one of comedy’s leading ladies: Marge Simpson. Lizzo always goes all-out for Halloween, but her The Simpsons-inspired look really takes the Lard Lad donut. The “Truth Hurts” singer posted a set of photos on Twitter in her Marge Simpson costume and her commitment to the costume is everything.

To perfectly nail the animated look, Lizzo did not shy away from the iconic yellow Simpsons skin tone, painting her entire body sunshine yellow. The makeup alone is admirable, but the full-body paint takes her costume to the next level. Add a red beaded necklace, a green dress, and iconic tall blue hair, and you’ve got a perfectly recreated Marge Simpson. As if the costume wasn’t enough, Lizzo treated her fans by recreating all the best memes most associated with the Simpson matriarch.

Over the years, Marge Simpson has become a bona-fide meme queen. Have you ever eavesdropped on a juicy conversation nearby and wanted to know all of the details without being obvious? There’s a Marge meme for that, and Lizzo has blessed us with her own take on it.

The memes of Marge Simpson are endless and hilarious, so Lizzo had countless options. Another fan-fave is a meme of Marge with a clenched smile and wide eyes, looking just the right amount of comedically unhinged. Lizzo rose to the challenge and smiled big; The facepaint around her eyes made her look cartoonish and really took the meme to the next level.

From the wealth of memes to choose from, Lizzo’s last copycat moment featured a well-loved internet staple. Marge’s meme-worthy post may be a bit awkward, but Lizzo made sure to nail it and let the picture speak for itself.

To top it all off, Lizzo gave a hilarious shoutout to another animated lady, lip-syncing to Lois Griffin from Family Guy in a totally unexpected crossover.

Another year, another Halloween for Lizzo to remind us that she’s 100% that witch.