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Lizzo Called Justin The Prince Of Pop, But Twitter Has Mixed Feelings

She called Janet Jackson the queen of pop, too.

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On Sunday, Aug. 30, Lizzo went on Twitter to share her list of music royalty, aka the artists she thinks have had the most impact in the music world. She obviously listed Michael Jackson as the King of Pop and Aretha Franklin as the Queen of Soul, both of whom earned their nicknames decades ago. She also shared what, to some of her followers, felt like hot takes, like when she dubbed Janet Jackson the Queen of Pop and Beyoncé the Queen of Music. While some fans agreed with her choices, others had mixed feelings. For example, when Lizzo called Justin Bieber the Prince of Pop, Twitter erupted into a debate of whether he was deserving of the title.

Bieber’s fans, of course, said he’s earned the nickname after releasing hit after hit since 2008 when he was just a teenager. It’s worth noting, as of Aug. 31, Bieber is currently charting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with The Kid LAROI for their collab song, “Stay.”

“JUSTIN BIEBER IS THE PRINCE OF POP! sorry but no other pop boy is doing it like him and everyone knows this,” one fan tweeted. “Justin Bieber is the prince of pop his achievements shows [sic] it all,” another said. “He’s been in the game for WAY too long and has broken too many records to not have that title,” another commented.

Meanwhile, others felt it was too early to give him the nickname. “As a belieber honestly Justin is not the prince of pop... just bc he charts well and has so much sales and fans does not mean he is close to being what Michael was,” one fan said.

There were also some who felt Justin Timberlake should get the title. “Justin Timberlake should be Prince of Pop. Not Bieber,” one user argued.

“Lizzo- I love you but I'm sorry Bieber is not the prince of pop... It’s always been Timberlake and always will be. Period,” another wrote.

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Another hot take Lizzo shared was calling Janet Jackson the Queen of Pop instead of Madonna, whom many fans associate the title with.

Lizzo started such a big debate that “Bieber” and “Queen of Pop” trended on Twitter.

To see all of Lizzo’s hot takes, check out her original tweets below.

Lizzo sure knows how to get people talking!