This Littlefinger Theory Is Officially Confirmed On 'GOT' & We Hate Him Even More

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6. Last week ended with Arya Stark following Littlefinger around, only to search his rooms and come up with a note he had tucked away. Some fans wondered if this note was really the one that Arya was supposed to find, or if Littlefinger was simply spying on her to confirm she was spying on him? But his behavior when Sansa told him about the note cleared out all lingering questions. We can confirm that terrible Littlefinger and Sansa theory on Game of Thrones is true.

It's maddening to watch. Littlefinger practically defends Arya in front of Sansa as she's freaking out over the note. All the proper, soothing noises we know that he makes when he is completely innocent of anything about this, the sort of thing we can imagine him doing to Sansa's mother, as she freaked out over Lysa's note claiming Jon Arryn was murdered by the Lannisters.

Arya wouldn't betray her family, would she? Sansa has nothing to fear, right? All designed to push Sansa even further into paranoia. After all, Sansa doesn't trust Littlefinger -- if he says something, she assumes the opposite. It's brilliant, and a reminder that Littlefinger really is the deadliest man in Westeros.


But then an odd thing happens, one that fans weren't sure what to make of. Littlefinger's advice is for Sansa to have Brienne look into it. They've both seen Brienne and Arya fight, and Littlefinger knows Brienne is loyal enough to both to probably say all the wrong things.

This might even succeed in removing Brienne from protecting Sansa along with Arya, making her dependent on him again, just like he wants.


Will Sansa fall for it? We're thinking not, because the next time we see her with Brienne, she's not asking her right-hand woman for information on Arya. Instead, she's sending her away, to represent her in the Dragon Pit "meeting of the minds" in King's Landing, and booking no arguments about it.

That's a really interesting twist. Is that because Sansa is on to Littlefinger? Or because she wants to face whatever it is Arya will do herself? Either way, and we never thought we'd say this, but we're actually glad to see Sansa sending Brienne away. Whatever Littlefinger is cooking up, we need her to be far away from it, and safe.