This Tiny Detail Could Mean The End Is Near For Littlefinger On 'Game Of Thrones'

by Ani Bundel

While Jon Snow is down south trying to convince Daenerys Targaryen of the truth of his "Yesterday's Wars Don't Matter Anymore" up North, Sansa is prepping for just about every kind of war she can think of. And it turns out, left to her own devices, she runs Winterfell pretty well. There's just one annoying gnat she can't shake: Littlefinger. But this week, we might have gotten a hint there's a way to be rid of him, as our Littlefinger dagger theory on Game Of Thrones got a boost.

While Littlefinger is attempting to espouse Multiverse Theories of Chaos Rule at her, Sansa is already aiming to have everything covered, from the War On The Night King to the War on Cersei to the War on Hunger to the War on Cold. With Bran's return, now she has someone who can see all the different possibilities before her, even if she doesn't realize it yet, and he's still trying to fumble about without having bothered to read the instruction manual.

This means Littlefinger has been rendered unnecessary going forward. So how does Sansa get rid of him? The answer might lie in this little detail in last week's episode. Let's go back to that opening scene of Sansa barking orders prior to Bran's entrance, shall we? Check out the 30 second mark or so:

"I'll check Maester Luwin's records. He kept a copy of every raven scroll," says Wolkin.

Littlefinger double-takes and stares.

Every raven scroll, huh? Now, I haven't been keeping track of every raven every person in Westeros has sent to Winterfell in the past seven seasons, but Littlefinger's reaction speaks volumes. As we know, especially in the early seasons, before Joffrey's demise, Littlefinger was misdirecting people like a crazy person.

In most cases, he got others to write his messages for him (like Lysa), so he would be kept from being implicated. But, as we know, when it came to Cat, Littlefinger simply wasn't quite as able to control himself -- the same way he's not able to hide his true aims from Sansa. Is there something in there that will implicate him?

Like say, something that can tie him to the catspaw dagger that Catelyn believed was sent by the Lannisters to kill Bran, and which tipped off the whole war between the North and King's Landing? As everyone noted before the season started, Arya is wearing that dagger in the promotional images.

Does Sansa already have the receipts she needs to have Littlefinger killed off like the annoying bug he is, and just doesn't know it yet? Because I'd pay good money to see her sit him before the Lords of the North and start laying them out one by one.