These Little Kids Have The Cutest Reactions To Hearing Adele Sing

Children are not immune to the emotional vocal majesty of Adele.

A new video by Fine Brothers Entertainment shows kids listening to Adele's “Hello” and “Rolling in the Deep” -- aka the post-breakup power mix -- to see whether or not there's any truth to Adele's target demographic being largely made up of women between the ages of 25 and 44.

One young boy expertly sums up Adele's appeal to music lovers of all ages, lamenting,

Most music these days is 'booty booty booty booty booty,' and I don't really care about booties.

Even those of us who care A TON about booties occasionally crave music with some substance, and Adele gets the damn job done.

With the exception of one child, who claims he's “more into, like, 1930s jazz,” the little ones agree Adele's “raw and natural” voice makes her deserving of her record-breaking status.

Even during formative years, there's no escaping the power of Adele.