Little Girl Who Loves Adam Levine Is So Over Him When They Finally Meet (Video)

Mila, the girl who had an emotional breakdown when she found out Adam Levine was married, could not have cared less when she actually got to meet Adam Levine.

When we found out Adam Levine got married, we all had small breakdowns.

The difference between Mila and us, though, is our moms didn't use our breakdowns as opportunities to make some Internet cash.

It didn't really go as planned, though, as Mila was seemingly WAY over Adam by the time the meetup happened.

Look at it from Mila's perspective. She clearly loved Adam at one point, and now, he confronts her in front of a live studio audience! That's kind of a dick move, right? This is the sort of thing you do at a cute brunch place when you have a few juice boxes in you -- not when on live TV.

I would be over Adam if that happened to me, too.

This is a classic case of having a dream, finding yourself while chasing that dream and then realizing you are better than your original goal.

I call this the “Elle Woods Syndrome,” and Mila has a wicked-bad case of it.