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Lindsay & Rachel Are Open To A Mean Girls Sequel, Per Reports

Sooo fetch.

Some of the original Plastics *might* be down for a Mean Girls sequel... 20 years later. On April 30, People reported that two of the original movie’s stars, Lindsay Lohan (who played Cady Heron) and Rachel McAdams (who played Regina George), both expressed interest in revisiting North Shore High School. Per sources, Lohan and McAdams are open to making a second Mean Girls.

According to the source, Lohan “wants to do another [Mean Girls] and has a good relationship with her former cast members.” The insider continued, “They are her friends and have been. Another film would be great for her and for audiences who loved the original.” (It’s a pretty exciting update for fans who were disappointed with the musical movie, which came out in January.)

The insider also said that McAdams was potentially “interested” in making a sequel. “[She] would likely do a Mean Girls sequel if everything presented to her made sense,” the insider said.

There’s no word yet if the other half of the Plastics — Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert — would be down to revisit their iconic characters, Karen Smith and Gretchen Weiners. But both actors did participate in a Mean Girls-themed Walmart commercial in November 2023, alongside Lohan. McAdams notably did not join in.

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“She has no regrets about not doing a Walmart commercial, which is a different thing," the People source added, referring to McAdams’ absence. “She is super busy, but likes her former cast members and would be interested in talking about a sequel if it becomes a reality.”

Previously, McAdams opened up about skipping the reunion. In December, she told Variety, “I guess I wasn't that excited about doing a commercial if I'm being totally honest. A movie sounded awesome, but I've never done commercials, and it just didn't feel like my bag.”

McAdams added, “I didn't know that everyone was doing it. I would, of course, always love to be part of a Mean Girls reunion and hang with my Plastics, but yeah, I found that out later.”