Lindsay Lohan is starring in a Super Bowl commercial for Planet Fitness and Twitter is ready for her...

Lindsay Lohan's New Super Bowl Ad Has Fans Elated For Her Comeback

The Lohanaissance is upon us.

Planet Fitness

It already looks like 2022 is going to be Lindsay Lohan’s year. At the end of 2021, she made some pretty big announcements, like sharing the first pic of her upcoming Netflix holiday rom-com and her engagement to now-fiancé Bader Shammas, and she’s kicking off the new year with another big project. On Feb. 4, Planet Fitness released its Super Bowl commercial, which stars none other than Lohan. In the 30-second ad that will air during the big game on Feb. 13, Lohan pokes fun at herself while she begins a “new and improved” lifestyle. These tweets about Lindsay Lohan’s Planet Fitness Super Bowl commercial will have you rooting for Lohan’s comeback.

The clip is narrated by actor William Shatner and he walks viewers through Lohan’s routine of being “sharper than ever,” “sleeping better than ever, and being more productive” as she’s traded “DUIs for DIYs,” showing Lohan bedazzling an ankle monitor for Danny Trejo.

The ad was created with the hopes to showcase the emotional benefits of exercise, per an email to Elite Daily.

In a Feb. 4 interview with Vogue, Lohan explained she was very involved with the making of the commercial with the “judgment free zone” gym. “It was an opportunity for me to really put all the little things that happened in the past to bed, and it was a really light-hearted, fun way of doing it,” she told the magazine. “I’m comfortable in my own skin: I’ve evolved spiritually, mentally, physically.”

The actor continued by sharing that exercise is a big part of her life now, and how it has helped her mentally. “I’m comfortable poking fun at the past and leaving it there,” she said. “It just felt like the timing was appropriate for me. And it’s benefiting other people in a way, because it’s showing how you can go from that and come back from it through health and exercise. I think that was a nice way to tell that story.”

Lohan is right. The commercial shines a light on her new mentality and her ability to poke fun at herself is unparalleled.

The internet is welcoming Lohan with open arms in these tweets about her comeback.

The morning of Feb. 4, Lohan sat down with Good Morning America to discuss her Super Bowl LVI commercial. When asked what it took to get to her newfound place of peace, the actress admitted, “A lot of soul searching and taking time for you,” she said. “Not filming and making movies for a long time, especially during the [lockdown]. That really made me appreciate it more and miss it so much more. I knew I was ready to come back.”

The year seems to be looking good for Lohan, as she has other upcoming projects like a podcast that will focus on individuals she wants to learn more about, per Vogue.

The Super Bowl will air Sunday, Feb. 13, and even if you’re not one for sports, make sure to catch Lohan’s Planet Fitness commercial air during the third quarter of the game.