Lily Collins shared why meeting Princess Diana as a child was awkward.

Lily Collins Met Princess Diana As A Toddler, And It Was A Royal Mess

Her history with the royals is super awk.

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Lily Collins’ childhood was anything but conventional. Growing up with an ultra famous dad (Phil Collins) put her family in the limelight, and she’s had more than a few memorable moments with celebs. In a new interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Collins opened up about one particular childhood memory involving the royal family, and I’m LOLing at the awkwardness.

The Emily In Paris star paid Corden a visit on Jan. 4, and they chatted all about her Netflix success and more. At one point, they took a walk down memory lane and reflected on her childhood growing up in England. Corden pulled out an old photo of her meeting Princess Diana as a toddler, and Collins had an unexpected story to tell about the pic.

"I've been told this is what happened," she recalled. "I'm giving Diana flowers, but the second she went to take them, I then tried to pull them back." Of course, stealing flowers from a princess is generally frowned upon, and Collins said it was an uncomfortable moment. "As you can imagine, all the air was sucked out of the room,” she admitted.

Unfortunately for Collins, that wasn’t the only time she committed a royal family faux pas. She had yet another awkward run-in with Prince Charles as a toddler, she said.

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"When I was younger, I was playing with some toys with Prince Charles and I proceeded to throw something at him," she told Corden. "Like throw a toy telephone at his head. Again, all the air was sucked out of the room.” However, seeing as Collins was just two years old at the time, it’s likely Charles looked past the incident.

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Collins eventually relocated to Los Angeles with her mom, Jill Tavelman, but still proudly reps her UK roots. "My dad did a lot of stuff for the Prince's Trust, and I grew up in England, you know, I'm British,” she said.

These days, Collins is best known for gallivanting around France in her Netflix series, Emily In Paris, but it sounds like her earliest adventures went down in England.