Lili Reinhart in 'Look Both Ways' on Netflix

Lili Reinhart Gets Her Lindsay Lohan Moment In This Look Both Ways Trailer

"Starring Lili Reinhart and Lili Reinhart."

Felicia Graham/Netflix

There’s a long history of actors starring as multiple characters in movies, like Lindsay Lohan playing both twins in The Parent Trap or Vanessa Hudgens playing royal lookalikes in The Princess Switch. Lili Reinhart is now following in the double-role tradition with her latest project, a movie called Look Both Ways. Here’s everything we know so far about Look Both Ways, including the new Netflix flick’s release date, cast, and more.

In Look Both Ways, Reinhart plays two versions of the same character, a young woman whose life goes down two very different paths. Here’s the official synopsis from Netflix:

On the eve of her college graduation, Natalie’s life diverges into parallel realities: one in which she becomes pregnant and remains in her hometown, and another in which she does not and moves to Los Angeles. In both journeys, Natalie experiences life-changing love, pursues her dream career as an artist, and rediscovers herself.

Multiple timelines are definitely a trendy plotline at the moment. Marvel has a whole multiverse of movies, and Russian Doll is all about time loops. Look Both Ways seems to be taking on the topic with a more rom-com style. Hopefully, that means both versions of Reinhart’s character will get a happy ending.

Look Both Ways Cast

In addition to Lili Reinhart (and, of course, Lili Reinhart in her second role), the Look Both Ways cast includes Danny Ramirez, David Corenswet, Aisha Dee, Andrea Savage, Luke Wilson, and Nia Long. The Bold Type fans might recognize Dee from her regular role on the Freeform series, while Wilson is a mainstay of rom-coms like Legally Blonde.

Look Both Ways Trailer

The trailer for Look Both Ways, which was released on July 19, highlights the question at the heart of the movie: How can one key moment change your life forever? In the trailer, Dee’s character patiently sits with Reinhart’s Natalie as she awaits the results of a pregnancy test. In one timeline, the negative test leads her to a life in Los Angeles with a cute new guy (Corenswet). Meanwhile, the positive test timeline results in a life in Austin with the baby’s father (Ramirez).

Look Both Ways Release Date

Look Both Ways is set to come out on Netflix on August 12, making it the perfect pick for a late-summer movie night.