Lil Wayne Is Surprisingly Funny In These New Samsung Commercials

Lil Wayne has apparently found his calling: Commercial acting.

After starring in Apartments.com's Superbowl 50 ad — in which he prepares to watch the game with, um, George Washington— Weezy has signed on with Samsung to act as a spokesman for their latest phone, the Galaxy S7.

So far, three commercials have been released, each funnier than the last. In one, he delivers a baby elephant via virtual reality. In another, he uses the same technology to go on various adventures, including canoeing with Wesley Snipes.

The third deviates from focusing on the phone's virtual reality capabilities and instead aims to showcase its durability, with Weezy dumping a bottle of champagne on the device to see if the phone is waterproof (it is).

While Lil Wayne is definitely a random choice for Samsung, it totally works. Who knew Weezy was so funny?

Check out the ads below.

"Elephant Baby"


"Champagne Calls"

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