Liam Hemsworth Reveals Whether Or Not He Plans To Have Kids

Liam Hemsworth doesn't want to touch your baby's poop, mmkay? Stop asking.

The Australian actor/member of Hollywood's cherished Hemsworth Brotherhood of Handsome Siblings visited “The Project” on Wednesday to proudly chat about how little babysitting he actually does.

Hemsworth is uncle to his brother Chris' daughter, India Rose, and twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, but when it comes to spending time with the tiniest Hemsworths, the 26-year-old is only really down to hang for the fun parts.

He told the Australian news show hosts,

To be honest, I like to come in and, when the kids are happy, I'll hang out with them. But as soon as there's, you know, crying or poop or anything like that, I'm… I'm out.

The "Independence Day: Resurgence" actor doesn't have any kids of his own, not even a few secret attic children with Miley Cyrus, his on-again, off-again partner.

He shared,

No kids yet. I would love nothing more... to announce that I have kids, but, no, I don't.

I do not blame you, Liam honey. You just keep nurturing your flawless bone structure.

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