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Bridgerton Season 3 Needs An LGBTQ+ Storyline — Here Are 5 Ideas

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There’s a lot to love about Bridgerton, from its steamy romances to its over-the-top Regency-era fashion, but let’s be real about one thing: The show is severely lacking in the LGBTQ+ representation department. Despite fans’ continued hopes and beliefs that at least one of the Bridgerton siblings is LGBTQ+, the show hasn’t presented any storylines to indicate this in its two seasons. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t possibilities for an LGBTQ+ love story in Bridgerton Season 3.

Bridgerton is pretty progressive compared to most Regency romances. The series eschews historical accuracy in favor of inclusivity. The world of Bridgerton is racially diverse, even in ways that aren’t necessarily realistic for the time period. But that expanded representation makes the show all the better, especially since it allows for more of the audience to see themselves on screen. But when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation on Bridgerton, audiences are left with... pretty much nothing. For a series all about romance, it’s pretty disappointing that only straight romances are showcased.

Season 3 of Bridgerton could go in a variety of directions, and many fans are hoping at least one of those directions is an LGBTQ+ storyline. The show has already strays from the plots of the source novels in major ways, so the show might as well change things up even more by bringing some LGBTQ+ representation to the screen. In case anyone at Netflix is reading this, here are just a few ideas to use:

Eloise & Penelope Fall In Love

Eloise and Penelope are besties for all of Season 1 of Bridgerton, but their friendship seems to come to an end in an explosive fight at the end of Season 2. But as audiences learned from the Kanthony romance, sometimes there is nothing closer to love than hate. It would be super exciting to see Eloise and Penelope go from friends to enemies to lovers. Plus, as two young women who don’t fit into society’s mold for women, they both give off LGBTQ+ vibes.

Penelope & Madame Delacroix Have An Affair

In Season 2, Penelope and Madame Delacroix form a sort of alliance after Madame Delacroix discovers Penelope’s identity of Lady Whistledown. There’s something romantic about two people sharing confidence between just the two of them, and there’s a world where this dynamic could blossom into something more.

Eloise Explores Her Gender Identity

Eloise made her debut in society in Season 2, and she made her discomfort with the whole thing very apparent. Perhaps Eloise’s issues with femininity point to a burgeoning desire to explore her gender beyond the binary.

Benedict Is Bi

A lot of viewers thought Season 1 of Bridgerton hinted Benedict would explore an LGBTQ+ identity after he spent most of the season with a bohemian group of artists, some of whom were in same-sex relationships. But in Season 2, there was no mention of Benedict coming out, and he was shown sleeping with a woman. Benedict still could come out as bi in Season 3, though. Fingers crossed for that!

Henry Granville Returns

Speaking of Benedict’s bohemian artist friends, Henry Granville was the only openly LGBTQ+ character Bridgerton has shown so far, and he only played a small part in Season 1. But if Season 3 is about Benedict, it could mean the show will return to his group of artist friends, and then Henry could play a much bigger role on the show.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Bridgerton are streaming on Netflix.