Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid were seen at New York Fashion Week together.

Sources Say Leo Is "Definitely Pursuing" And Partying With Gigi

Gossip Girl voice: L. and G. were spotted at a New York Fashion Week after-party.

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Things appear to be heating up between Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid. On Sept. 7, Us Weekly reported that the actor has his “sights set” on the model, and it’s looking like there may be some truth to those romantic rumors. DiCaprio and Hadid were seen at New York Fashion Week together on Sept. 10, and according to one source, DiCaprio is “definitely pursuing” Hadid.

It sounds like his ~pursuit~ is off to a good start. According to Us Weekly, on Sept. 10, DiCaprio and Hadid sat at the same table during a New York Fashion Week after-party. OK, OK, so seating charts aren’t exactly a declaration of love, but it still looks like DiCaprio and Hadid are hanging out together.

"They are getting to know each other," an insider told People on Sept. 12. And yet, according to the source, they’re not “dating” yet. Still, it sounds like DiCaprio hasn’t been shy about his intentions. Another source said, “Leo is definitely pursuing Gigi.” 👀

Rumors of the new ‘ship hit the internet on Sept. 5 when an anonymous source claimed to celeb gossip account Deuxmoi that the duo were partying at the Chateau Marmont together. (They reportedly shared a table there, too.) However, two days later, a source told Us Weekly that the feeling was not mutual. “Leo does have his sights set on Gigi, but she hasn’t shown an interest,” the source told the outlet. “They’re friends, but she doesn’t want to be romantic with [him] right now.”

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Hadid might have a perfectly good reason for wanting to take things slow. Despite his charm (or maybe because of it?), DiCaprio doesn’t have the best dating reputation. A little refresher: DiCaprio reportedly split from his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone, on Aug. 30 — only two months after she turned 25.

DiCaprio’s two-digit age gaps are often the butt of jokes, especially among others in Hollywood. On Sept. 12, Kenan Thompson couldn’t help himself from poking fun at the actor at the 2022 Emmy Awards. “26 is a weird age in Hollywood,” Thompson said, referring to Zendaya, who had just celebrated her birthday. “I mean, you’re young enough to play a high school student, but too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Well, considering Hadid is 27, it seems like DiCaprio might be changing his tune.