These Last Tweets Of Stars Who Died In 2015 Will Give You Goosebumps

We're at a point in society's existence online where abandoned social media accounts are modern memorial grounds for those who died, a sort of cemetery 2.0 full of fleeting thoughts once deemed important enough by notable people to throw on the Web.

It's weird this is the new norm for people in mourning, but once everyone's life started to move into the Cloud, cemetery 2.0 became an inevitable conclusion.

If you think about it, at its core, there is really no difference between reading the old tweets of a favorite writer or artist who died and reading the writer's books or listening to the artist's songs.

Granted, tweets are rarely as thought out and refined as finished pieces of work, but I would argue reading people's tweets about how they're having hard days or how they liked new songs is more personal than reading published works that go through levels and levels of edits. That's probably why looking at the last tweets people posted before they died is such an emotional experience.

A tweet is a glimpse into the final moments of a person's life and the last step of his or her online footprint.

Here are the last tweets of some notable people who died in 2015.

Rose Siggins

Wes Craven

Leonard Nimoy

Oliver Sacks

David Carr

Beau Biden

Dusty Rhodes

Bobbi Kristina Brown

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper

Jackie Collins