Kylie Jenner Just Got A New, Sexy Tattoo On Her Butt (Photos)

After spending Monday evening honoring Caitlyn Jenner for receiving Glamour's Woman of the Year Award, Kylie blew off some steam the way any 18-year-old would.

She got herself a brand new butt tattoo.

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy inked Kylie's way, way, way lower back with lettering that is not legible from the reality star's snaps.

The youngest Jenner giggled as “Bang Bang,” who is also responsible for Rihanna's and Bieber's ink, tattooed her famous hiney.

Kylie tried her hand at tattooing as well.

The artist let King Ky ink a red “K” with a small crown on his calf.

“Can I fix it after?” is not quite what anyone wants to hear from his or her amateur tattooer.

Still, each left happy with their new body mods.

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