Is Kylie Jenner REALLY Not Wearing Makeup In Her Latest Selfie?

OK, so here's the deal: On Monday, your favorite Snapchatter and reality star Kylie Jenner posted a mirror selfie on Instagram.

There was nothing super special about this Instagram. Kylie didn't have anything particularly interesting to say on it — she captioned it, "Hello." Just your average, run-of-the-mill Kardashian-Jenner selfie, right?

Here, take a look at the photo yourself.

Normal, right? AND YET...

The morning after Kylie posted this selfie, the internet started buzzing with excitement.

"U beautiful with & without makeup," one commenter writes.

"She looks gorgeous without makeup!" another exclaims.

"This Is What Kylie Jenner Looks Like Without Makeup," E! News tells us.

Um. Guys. I have some bad news for you all.

Kylie Jenner is almost definitely wearing makeup in this photo. Sorry, friends, but you have all been played for fools.

You really think her lips are naturally that glossy? You think she was born with cheeks that creamy and smooth? No one's eyebrows are naturally pencilled like that, and no one is born with eyelids that smoky.

Kylie Jenner posts one picture without her usually bright lipstick and eyeliner, and y'all get in a frenzy. She didn't even claim to not be wearing makeup!

I have two words for you: natural makeup.

Men, I know you think you love women who don't wear makeup, but if you REALLY saw a woman without her makeup, you'd probably ask her if she was sick. It takes products to look like you're glowing all the time, OK?

I'm sure Kylie Jenner is a naturally gorgeous woman. Just, not quite THIS gorgeous.

To be fair, I wasn't there when she took this picture, so I can't say with TOTAL certainty. So, what do you think? Makeup or no makeup?

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