Kylie And Kris Jenner Face Swapped And It Will Really Freak You Out


Kylie Jenner swapped faces with mom Kris Jenner and found it “so weird” -- but possibly for different reasons than the rest of us.

If you or I face swapped with our parents, it'd undoubtedly be strange.

I look enough like my mother that her features wouldn't seem totally out of place on my head, but it would also look a lot like some creature from a nightmare where I contemplate my mortality and the futility of attempting to escape becoming my parents.

Kylie and Kris, on the other hand, look so alike, due to either moderate plastic surgery or a deal with the antichrist, the weirdness of their face swap lies more in the lack of weirdness.

This just serves to validate a theory I shared two years ago on a now-defunct Web show for a media outlet we'll discreetly call "Blosmo" in which I insisted the Kardashian/Jenner family was actually just one woman and, like, seven different moving mirrors.

Essentially, if you bought a Kylie Lip Kit, there's a chance you purchased it from the reflection of a cardboard cutout of a stock photo of a dark-haired woman.

DON'T underestimate the power of mirrors. Stay woke.

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