Kylie Jenner Is So Rich, This Is What Her New Dog Plays With

Getty Images

Kylie's dog's chew toy budget is easily more than I make in a year.

If you're not following Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, then frankly you just aren't living life to the max. Living vicariously through daily 15-second looks into her mega-wealthy life has given me a new lease on life. Sure, it's about as fake a lease as possible, but that's not the important thing here.

The important thing is I have a new lease and that lease involves seeing life through the eyes of a BONKERS rich 18-year-old.

How bonkers rich are we talking?

Well, here is a video of Kylie's dog using a Fendi pom-pom as a chew toy.

Yeah. Fendi. THAT Fendi.

Most of the Internet is nothing short of HORRIFIED at this fashion homicide that took place.

Some of the Internet is actually kind of inspired.

Mostly, though, they're just horrified.

May we all be blessed to one day know a level of wealth where our puppies can chomp down on designer chew toys.