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Fans Shed Real Tears Over Kylie's Pregnancy Reveal Vid With Travis & Stormi

So much for that Met Gala red carpet reveal theory.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner took to Instagram on the evening of Sept. 7 to reveal what most fans already knew: She’s pregnant with her and Travis Scott’s second child. While the announcement came as no surprise to Kylie’s die-hards, she still found a way to send them, and even her most indifferent followers, into an emotional tailspin with her announcement. These tweets about Kylie Jenner's second pregnancy reveal video are so emotional.

Kardashian aficionados have been onto Kylie for quite some time when it comes to her second pregnancy. Even before Caitlyn Jenner accidentally spilled the beans about her latest future grandchild while making an appearance at The Toy Store in Quincy, California, on Aug. 19, fans had noticed Kylie changed her eating habits to avoid liquor and fish, and that she stopped posting new photos on social media (though she did try posting old photos on Instagram in a valiant, but futile, attempt to throw fans off the scent).

Now, it seems Kylie’s accepted the jig is up. After keeping her first pregnancy with Stormi a secret the entire time, fans weren’t about to let her surprise them again, after all. That’s probably why Kylie decided to ~reclaim the narrative~, posting a pregnancy announcement video documenting the most beautiful moments from her pregnancy journey so far.

In the 1-minute-and-30-second-long clip, fans watched Kylie and Travis cry tears of happiness together after she surprised him with a positive pregnancy test; Stormi then delivered the announcement to Kris Jenner by handing her ultrasound photos. Toward the end, Stormi gave her mom’s baby bump an adorable kiss. And those were just a few among many, many more unforgettable memories featured in the touching vid. Of course, the montage was accompanied by that kind of stock, sentimental music that would squeeze tears from a stone (aka, the same kind she used in her video welcoming Stormi into the world back in 2018).

And squeeze tears out of a stone, it did. Twitter was in an absolute tizzy over Kylie’s pregnancy. Check out fans’ tweets below.

Among all the emotional outbursts, there were also fans bringing jokes. Of course, they didn’t let Kylie forget they saw this pregnancy coming from a mile away, and there were plenty of Kris Jenner momager jokes, too.

Congrats, Kylie!