Kurt Cobain's Daughter Just Married A Man Who Looks Exactly Like Her Dad

There is some weird Freudian sh*t going down in the Cobain family right now.

To catch y'all up: Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, married her long-term boyfriend in an intimate ceremony over the weekend, and he looks just like her father.

The 23-year-old Cobain and The Eeries band member Isaiah Silva dated for five years and announced their engagement back in 2011.

The pair wed over the weekend in a super-tiny ceremony (like, 15 guests tiny), following in the footsteps of Kurt and Courtney's 1992 wedding, which boasted just eight guests.

Noticeably not in attendance at the nuptials, however, was Frances' mother, Courtney Love.

Though the two were reportedly trying to patch up their strained relationship, it seems there's still much work to be done: Love apparently wasn't even aware of her daughter's wedding until after the fact.

Love, never one to shy away from the spotlight, posted a pic to Instagram addressing her absence from the ceremony.

Captioning a photo of herself cozying up to male model James Norley, Love wrote,

If you think I'm sorry for being a no-show at any important events this week, think again. I was with James Norley… Bwahaa xc.

A close friend of Love's also told E! News,

Courtney loves Isaiah, but was devastated to learn that Frances had gotten married without her knowing. Courtney really likes Isaiah and is very happy for Frances. Courtney is sad she wasn't at the wedding. Frances called her after but understands why she did it. Frances needs a man in her life and has always craved stability. She's found it in Isaiah. This has not caused a rift between mom and daughter. Courtney was sad, but she's cool and Isaiah is a great son-in-law.

So, that settles that. But there's still the fact that Bean married her father's dopplegänger. Weird parental lust or genuine coincidence?

Either way, she's one lucky lady (and he, a lucky man).

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