Kris Jenner Speaks Out About Lamar Odom And The Drunken Plane Incident

Kris Jenner doesn't want people to unfairly judge Lamar Odom for that plane incident.

Earlier in the week, the former NBA champion and Khloé Kardashian's ex was kicked off a plane for getting too drunk and vomiting, according to a report from TMZ.

Despite the fact he's no longer technically part of the family, the Kardashians clearly still care about Lamar and hope he can pull through his addiction.

The day after the incident, Khloé expressed her sadness on Twitter, and in a recent interview with an Australian radio station, KIIS 106.5, Kris Jenner also sympathized with her son-in-law.

Though she said she doesn't know exactly what happened, she clearly still sees Lamar as part of the family and hopes he will be able to pull through this addiction.

In the interview, Kris said,

He is the greatest guy in the world. Anybody that knows him will tell you the same thing.

The 60-year-old reality star went on to say she has never faced a drug addiction like Lamar is going through, but she has learned a lot about how hard the recovery process can be.

Kris cautioned,

You can't judge somebody else unless you're really walking in their shoes.

She also said she hasn't talked to Lamar since the incident but will be reaching out soon.

Oof. Addiction is rough folks. Stay in school, kids.

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