Kourtney And Scott May Be Getting Back Together, According To This Pic

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian change their relationship status more often than most people change their opinions on whether or not this Kardashian Kollection jumpsuit is OK to wear.

Although there have only been rumors about Kardashian and Disick ending their relationship hiatus, I can now say with almost complete certainty they've at least become Instagram official again.

And in the Kardashian world, that's more binding than a blood oath done on the first night of a Harvest Moon surrounded by a group of shaman chanting “Balmain x H&M” over and over.

Whether it was intentional or not, Kylie was the one to spill the beans on the potential rekindling romance after she posted a family picture with the caption “thankful for my blended family” to her Instagram.

Let's ignore for a second Tyga is in the shot -- which is a whole other can of Kardashian worms -- and focus on the fact that Scott is present in the portrait, meaning he  could very well be back in Kourtney's life full time.

To give you a small history: Disick's substance abuse problems were very publicly too much for Kourtney to handle.

In the summer, she officially ended their nine-year relationship, threatening to revoke further privileges with their three children if he didn't enroll in a rehab program.

Disick reportedly took the threat as a motivator and checked into a rehab clinic in an attempt to get sober.

The couple has some way to go in the road toward becoming romantically involved again, though. PEOPLE says a source said,

He's also talking to Kourtney in a more productive manner. They are talking to each other, not past each other. Will he ultimately end up with her? I'm not sure about that. But at least they're being healthy as they interact, which is a lot of progress.

Are they back on? Only time and Kylie posting Instagram pictures like breadcrumbs in the world's trendiest forest will tell.

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