Kourtney And Khloé Kardashian Just Had The Most Amazing Food Fight (Video)

We all already kind of knew Khloé was the most physically dominate Kardashian.

Let me give you a scenario:

You're driving in LA and an earthquake happens.

You look to your right and see the Capitol Records building collapse on a combination vegan AT&T store/SoulCycle.

You look to your left and see the Hollywood sign fall down on Anne Hathaway's helicopter.

You run out of your car and try to find shelter under a tree outside of Grauman's Chinese Theatre when all of a sudden a TMZ bus flips over and starts rolling toward you.

Assuming Caitlyn is busy at an event, which Kardashian-Jenner family member would you most want to have with you to fend off the bus?

You're a moron if you said anyone besides Khloé. I would take Khloé over literally every other Kardashian-Jenner and several members of the 2005 New York Jets in this scenario.

Kylie recently Snapchatted a food-based altercation between Khloé and Kourtney at some mansion somewhere, and I'll give you one guess who won.


Kourtney has SERIOUS questions about guac.


Is this fun? IS IT?!?!

Quick side question: What's the deal with that awesome spread? Is that like a standard food spread at casa Kardashian-Jenner?