Kourtney K Finally Calls Out Scott Disick For Being A 'F*cking Assh*le' (Video)

It's no secret Scott Disick's relentless douchebaggery caused problems for America's favorite reality TV family, but Kourtney Kardashian appears to have ended the cycle of his destructive behavior in her own home.

In a preview for Sunday's episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” the 32-year-old father of three sits in Kris Jenner's kitchen claiming he has no idea why his baby mama doesn't want him over at her house.

Jenner calls her daughter on speaker to act as “mediator” and ask what happened to Kardashian's “open door policy” for Disick.

Kardashian tearfully explains,

There was [an open door policy], but that has changed. He was flaking too often. Every time I tried to have him sit and have dinner with [the kids] he sits in the other room on his phone. He flaked on going to the kids' first day of school. He says, 'I can't go because I hate school sh*t. I get anxious.' When really he went out and partied through the next day, just like a real f*cking assh*le.

In the time since the episode was shot, Disick committed to outpatient treatment at luxury rehab center Cliffside Malibu.

PEOPLE reports Kardashian brought the couple's children, 5-year-old Mason, 3-year-old Penelope and 11-month-old Reign, to visit their father during treatment.

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