Kids Hilariously Debate Whether Or Not A Woman Should Become President (Video)

Little boys of America are worried in the event a woman is elected president, the country will be in serious trouble.

Two particular boys fear a woman president would be “too weak” and lack the proper “buff” muscles required to do the heavy lifting of democracy.

In a segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the host sits with a panel of four kids and chats about the possibility of a woman in the Oval Office becoming a reality.

The most outspoken panelist, Jayden, is completely unwilling to even entertain the thought of a lady-run USA. Considering he believes America's current leader's name is Iraq Obama, perhaps he just needs a few more years of social studies to see the big picture.

Kimmel introduces special guest Hillary Clinton, and she takes a few personal requests from the little ones.

When Jayden still isn't convinced a woman could be president, Hillary tells him,

We haven't had a woman to be president yet. So, we need to have a woman to be president and then you would have more evidence to base your decision on.

Jayden will love Hillary yet.

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