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Kim Petras released her latest single, "Brrr," on Jan. 20.

You're About To Hear Kim Petras' "Brrr" All Over TikTok

The new single hints at a debut album full of bops.

Jason Al-Taan

Kim Petras just kicked off the new year with a lust-filled anthem. On Jan. 20, the rising pop princess released her single, “Brrr,” and it’s certainly an icy treat. Singing about sensual themes isn’t new territory for Petras, who dominated last year with her and Sam Smith’s saucy duet, “Unholy.” However, instead of cooing after-dark lyrics over trap arrangements, Petras stepped back into her hyper-pop bag on this new single.

Produced by Swedish songwriter ILYA, “Brrr” is a trippy gem brimmed with robotic synths. Some fans have likened the track’s production to Petras’ late friend and singer SOPHIE. Petras collaborated with the music visionary on her 2018 single, “1, 2, 3 dayz up.”

This frosty number might be a taste of what’s to come from her debut album, which has seen a couple delays in the last year. In 2022, Petras told Billboard she axed an album she’d been working on at the time due to continuous leaks. If her forthcoming project sounds anything like this hypnotic record, I’ll definitely be obsessed.

In the track, Petras challenges her partner to show her their cool side. Her taunting lyrics paired with the song’s production is chilly enough to send shivers down your spine, and that’s what makes this release a potential hit for TikTok. The singer is pretty active on the platform, and even teased “Brrr” to Meghan Trainor (the app’s recently minted queen) on her TikTok a few days before its release.

The track begins with what appears to be electronic waves before pulsing in with a dark beat and lush synths. Petras easily glides over the production and comes in hot in the opening verse. There, she reveals she has a “live fast, die young” mentality, and she wants to ensure her new lover isn’t intimidated by that. If not, she wouldn’t mind giving herself to them. She delicately sings,

“This place, this late, take me on a ride / What I’d do for ya, uh, what I’d do for ya / Live fast, die young, glad you’re here tonight / Yeah, what I’d do for ya.”

The record softens in the pre-chorus, where Petras reminds her partner that she isn’t new to this fast-paced mindset, she’s true to it. She then invites them to come closer in the chorus, warning them that she’s “not born to be afraid.”

Jason Al-Taan
“You should pull me up closer / Turn the heat up in your Rover / Why don’t you take it out on me? / If you think you’re so cold, brrr,” Petras croons in this section, her background vocals becoming increasingly robotic.

She then revs up the engine in the second verse, playing off her “Why don’t you take it out on me?” line in the chorus. Petras seemingly wants all the smoke with her partner, persuading them to “work her like pilates” because she can handle it all. Her voice confidently glides until the outro, where she coos a couple brr’s to finish out the record. Yeah, if this tune doesn’t scream TikTok hit with these catchy hooks and sensually subtle lyrics, I don’t know what does.

Check out the full lyrics to Kim Petras’ “Brrr” below, via the singer’s official lyric video on YouTube.