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Kim Kardashian's Skims Ad Photoshop Fail Is Going Viral On TikTok

It really looks so obvious.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim K’s latest Skims ad is steamier than ever, but that’s not why fans are talking about it. The founder of the shapewear brand has everyone talking after a strange editing slip-up left her hand distorted. Now, Kim Kardashian’s Skims ad Photoshop fail is going viral, with many pointing out the harmful message ads like hers send about body image.

In the ad, Kardashian snaps the band of her underwear to show off their elasticity. “It bounces right back,” Kardashian says as she runs her finger down her hip, only, what the video editor didn’t notice was that when Kardashian’s finger runs over her waist, her finger warps, seemingly proving her waist had been warped to look smaller in the video.

“Who approved of this editing???” the caption of the re-shared video read. The fan who noticed the slip-up laughed off the obvious Photoshop glitch. “You know what else bounces right back? Your finger after it completely distorts. I love you, Kim,” the voiceover in the video said.

Others didn’t find the Photoshop fail so funny. After a number of other recent image editing controversies from the family, self-love activist Charlotte Peirce detailed why the edited content is so dangerous.

“Yet again another video from the #Kardashian family has surfaced (third slide) where Kim is selling her new Skims line and her finger literally distorts into a worm due to poor photoshopping/editing,” she wrote on Instagram, in part. “I’ve spent enough time in this space now to recognize and have a keen eye for these slip ups. But unfortunately today, a young/fragile/impressionable mind will stumble across this ad and not see it.”

You can see Kardashian’s Skims ad Photoshop fail courtesy of @alexkelly2014 below.

The video follows a number of other recent controversies from the Kardashian family. Khloé Kardashian, for example, sent the internet into an uproar when an unretouched swimsuit photo of herself surfaced and she rushed to scrub it from the internet. Many fans were disappointed with how she handled the situation and felt she should have embraced the naturally beautiful photo.

Kylie Jenner faced similar criticism in April 2020 when she posted a bikini photo with a wonky, distorted background. Once again, the photo went viral after fans pointed out the apparent editing fail.

Kim has yet to address the Photoshop fail in her recent Skims campaign, and given the Kardashians’ past history with staying silent in the eye of controversy, she probably won’t.